Mission Statement

The Blue Ridge Liberty Project was established with two goals in mind:

  1. To create an environment where people from all walks of life, united by their love of liberty, can live free.
  2. To spread the message of liberty both locally and abroad


    We as members of the Blue Ridge Liberty Project subscribe to the central tenets of the Voluntaryist philosophy which are as follows:

  3. The Principle Self-Ownership:  This principle states that you are the sole owner of your body and as such have the exclusive right to determine how it is employed.
  4. Non-Aggression Principle (NAP):  This principle states that you have the right to be free of aggression, or in other words, that no one may rightfully initiate force against you.  Force here is defined as the explicit threat or application of physical aggression against a person’s body or property.  To clarify, this principle in no way prohibits the use of force in self-defense.
  5. Personal Property Sovereignty: This third tenet is simply a derivative of the above principles, but warrants mentioning.  It simply states that only the owner(s) of a given piece of property may rightfully determine how it is to be employed.
  6. No victim, no crime:  Any action that does not constitute a violation of the NAP as defined above can never be considered criminal.

This sounds GREAT, what now?

Get involved! The majority of our community building, event information, moving advice, and dialog goes through out facebook page that can be found here. 

ustin Stout is our main coordinator for moving to Asheville. 

Carlos Morales deals with press and public speaking.

Shayla Rose can help find individuals jobs and get more knowledge regarding Asheville. 

Why Asheville?
The area surrounding and including Asheville was chosen with great deliberation for the Blue Ridge Liberty Project. We wanted to find an area which catered to a wide range of demographics and interests, and whose culture and community would be receptive to our cause


The Asheville area has much to offer in the way of facilitating a fit and healthy lifestyle. The communities including and surrounding the city put a great emphasis on local and organic foods, making for relatively cheap and easy access to fresh dining. Furthermore, the mild climate and extensive outdoor activities allow for a wide selection of exercises which can be both fun and challenging. Moreover, the clean mountain air and fresh water serve to promote a general sense of well-being and liveliness. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it, listed below are just a few of the many accolades the region has received in regards to its health promoting environment:
Greener Ideal: Top 5 healthiest and greenest cities in America.Prevention Magazine and Fitbie: #5 best U.S. city for weight lossBusiness Facilities Magazine: Top 10 Metro Area for Quality of LifePeta: #1 vegetarian-friendly small city in America. 
Yoga Journal magazine: One of the "10 Fantastically Yoga-Friendly Towns."